Why Green Irish Tweed Makes Me a Better Man

Posted by Social Media Guy (Ryan) on 4/4/2013
Long story, short: I love Green Irish Tweed and, frankly, I'm a better man for wearing it whether in BUTTer form or Spritz form.
Long story: It's hard to explain it, but, I'll try. I realize the direction I'm headed will be a stretch for some, but, humor me.
I'm a guy. For some fellas, like me, it's hard for me to like the idea of using body butter, or, let's face it, even something called "Spritz."
But there are two things at play here that are really important.

Guys Get Irritated at Irritation

I have to shave twice a week because, if I don't, it takes a lot to shave some really tough stubble off of my mug.
Razor burn is the worst. It feels like you just fell face-first into a campfire and the burning embers stuck to your face when you stood up, stayed stuck through the trip to the hospital, as well as the four hour stay in the ER waiting room,  then when finally seen by the doctor (who was stirring his Starbucks he just got before walking in) he said, "Well, given time the embers will cool off and, hopefully, fall off, and, eventually heal...then you should be fine. Here's your bill."
Now, imagine going through the day-to-day irritating things that happen in a day with your face on fire. Getting cut off on the road by that person texting with one hand and eating a burger with the other...with your face on fire. People with 45 items in the 15 items or less checkout with 90 coupons, 15 price-match ads, who, after getting their total says a sentence that includes "pay by check"...with your face on fire. Not to mention that, in the same store on the same day, there are 200 people in line and only three registers open...with your face on fire.
Hopefully, you get my point. At least in my world, when I'm irritated prior to irritations, the irritations are amplified...as are my reactions.  Though, some might say I just need an anger managment class...
...even so...
Following that irritating shave, I find that, if I have the time, rubbing in some CJ's BUTTer in the Green Irish Tweed scent allows me to sidestep the irritation and eliminates the redness that used to stick with me throughout the day. If I'm pressed for time, I use the Spritz. One quick spray and a short face massage to get those essential moisturizing ingredients into my skin and I'm good.
I still encounter annoyances, but, for the most part, I can be lived with through them.

The Scent of Green Irish Tweed Can Conquer...Anything

Chuck...BeardlessFor me, "Green Irish Tweed" and "manly" are synonymous. There are some that will fight me on this, but, I'm going to say it. Brace yourself.
Green Irish Tweed ≈ Chuck Norris.
We all know Chuck Norris has no equal, which is why I used the approximately equal math symbol.  However, Green Irish Tweed is pretty close.
Chuck Norris recently shaved off his beard.  Now, here's the thing.  It is interesting that there has been such hoopla over the sheared face of the roundhouse-kicking icon, and, yet, there is one undeniable thing: Chuck is still Chuck.  There have been a lot of people that have posted lots of jabs at his new look, but they have done it from afar, avoiding the face-to-face confrontation. Which, to me, is one of two things: the lack of status to get close enough to Chuck to tell him so or pure, simple fear.
That's because Chuck is Chuck, beard or no beard.  Chuck doesn't have to take into account whether or not this is a "good move" for him because he makes enough money from his movies, books and TV appearances that he need not concern himself with the concerns of internet critics.
Now, like I said, you can't equate Green Irish Tweed to Chuck Norris...obviously. 
However, the Green Irish Tweed is an energizing scent and during the day, there's not a lot I feel like I can't do, including Chuck Norris sized tasks.  Overcome a mound of web code (yes, I'm a nerd, too), no problem!  Change the oil myself, sign me up!  Fix the garbage disposal, bring it on!  Move that helicopter over six inches with my bare hands...let's do this!
Okay, that last one was a little much, I'll give you.  However, when you think big, others begin to think big...you can energize other people.  I have also found that, a lot of times, that's an appreciated trait.
So, like I said...Green Irish Tweed might be responsible for helping me be a better man.
Oh, wow.  Just had a thought...
What if Chuck Norris wore Green Irish Tweed?
Mind. Blown.
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