The Manly Man and Spritz

Posted by Social Media Guy on 7/29/2014 to Our Products

A while back I wrote a blog post on Chuck Norris and the use of CJ's BUTTer® Products following what can be a grueling grooming exercise, shaving.

In an interesting turn of events, there were some men who questioned the use of one of our products called Spritz.

Okay, well, not so much the general use of Spritz as much as my use of Spritz. My favorite comment had to be, "Oh, you're admitting you use something called Spritz...that's cute. Let me guess: you don't perspire, you glow."

"Admitting" is such a loaded word. Some called my manliness into question. I see where you're coming from. I would say that the original name for the product that I use after shaving more often than not may not take into consideration use by those who have a testosterone-oozing image to maintain.

Even so, I give you the following reasons as to why Spritz is one of the manliest products you will ever use.


Gentleman, BUTTer® takes a while to massage into the face. That's not a bad thing, but when the agenda for the day has manly tasks at hand... might not have the time it takes to do all of that. Spritz allows you to just spray it on and move on with your day. After all, there are cars to lift, among other manly things.

It Allows You to Press a Button!

Most fellas like gadgets and most guys like to press buttons that do amazing things. Granted, that are other buttons you can press that do extremely cool things. However, why not do something that is going to relieve the itchiness, redness and burning that follows shaving your face? Any product that can do that should carry the label of "awesome," at the very least.

Here three epic buttons you can click right now:

We all know that Green Irish Tweed is how every man should smell! Even so, there are some that have sensitive enough skin that something with fragrance oil in it wouldn't be helpful. So, we have Unscented. But, if you want to have an added benefit, you could see if Sweet Orange works for you. Sweet Orange is an essential oil, a known anti-inflammatory, and one of razor burn's annoying symptoms, irritation, comes in the form of swelling. Sweet Orange is strong enough to take it out!

So, to the person that said, "That's cute," I say, "You're right!" As a matter of fact, after the application of Spritz my wife often rubs my just-shaven babycheeks and comments about them being soft and smooth. I'll take it one step further and say that Spritz must make me "freakin' adorable."

But, Spritz can do more than just relieve razor burn! Leave a comment and tell us what Spritz has done for you!

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