Reviews, Recipes, Uses and Rewards!

How Do I Win?

All you have to do is visit and tell us about how you enjoy, experiment with, and use CJ's BUTTer®! You can do any combination of three things:

  • Submit a review.
  • Submit a recipe.
  • Submit a use.

What Do We Mean By Review?

Tell us what you used any of our products for and how they worked for you. Tell us why you would recommend CJ's to other people!

What Do We Mean By Recipe?

Tell us something that you have mixed CJ's with to create your own custom scent, mixture to take care of a certain skin condition or luxurious skin treatment! We have even had some come up with some pretty tasty food recipes inspired by our scent names...we just don't recommend you use BUTTer® as an ingredient!

What Do We Mean By Use?

Tell us what you use CJ's products for. Tell us everything and anything. It really can't be too unusual: we have customers who use our 4 oz. Spritz to stop things from squeaking, like hinges and wheels!

We'll then pick one winner out of the entries for the Facebook contest and one winner out of the entries from the Twitter contest. Don't have a Facebook account? Enter the Twitter contest! Don't have a Twitter account? Enter the Facebook contest! Have them both?! Enter them both and double your chances!

What Could I Win?

You coulld win a prize pack worth $75.50.

  • 12 oz. Tub Monkey Farts ($21.00)
  • 8 oz. Pot Sweet Orange ($16.00)
  • 4 oz. Spritz Lavender & Tea Tree ($9.50)
  • Large Stick My Pixie Pie ($12.00)
  • Carcass Cleaner All Natural Mango, Sugar and Mint ($13.50)
  • Liptricity Lip Balm ($3.50)


Terms and Conditions

Void in the U.K. and in Australia. By entering this contest you agree to the following terms and conditions: You will receive the contents of the prize pack and these contents cannot be modified. If you live outside of the United States, you will be responsible for paying 50% of the shipping cost of the prize pack. You will be 100% responsible for any other customs or taxes imposed by national, state and local governments. If you do not respond to email communication within two business days, you will forfeit your prize and a new winner will be generated.