Discontinued Products

CJ's BUTTer®
Discontinued Products, Scents & Flavors

These items will be available at www.cjsuniqueboutique.com, our 2 Colorado Springs locations and through our retailers while supplies last.

Discontinued Products:

Discontinued Scents (in all products):

  • Caribbean Therapy EO Blend
  • Frankincense & Myrrh EO Blend
  • Intrigue EO Blend
  • Lavender EO
  • Lemon Grove EO Blend
  • Madagascar EO Blend
  • Sensuality EO Blend
  • Summer Sunrise EO Blend
  • Tea Tree EO
  • Bamboo & Lotus Blossom FO
  • Cucumber Melon FO
  • Fireside FO
  • Honey Patchouli FO Love Spell FO
  • New Mown Hay FO
  • Nomad FO
  • Persian Pear FO
  • Sea Spice FO
  • Sweet Memories FO
  • Tuscan Herb FO
  • Viva La Juicy FO

Lip Balm flavors that are being discontinued:

Announced 9/30/13