Posted by Kirith on 5/28/2013

Yes, all you DIY and CJ junkies out there, you can make your very own custom scents in a variety of products!!!

What? Did you think I was going to divulge CJ’s Secret recipes? Um, yeah, I don’t really want to die a painful and gruesome death, thank you very much.

Then what am I blabbing about? I’m talking about my evil genius experiments with CJ's products. Since it is kind of a no-no to mix essential oils and fragrance oils at work, I like to experiment at home.

Let me just say that while you can try this with BUTTer the process involves melting down the BUTTer and can cause burns, ruined product, overall stress, and sometimes tears. That is why I leave BUTTer alone and play with other products like the Carcass Cleaner, Spritz, and my personal favorite, lotion! Lotion is my favorite because, now that there are the 2 oz. Sample Packs, my dollars stretch and I get to try a lot more scents.

More scents = More experiments.

Lotion is also a favorite of mine because you can mix two or more scents on your skin and moisturize at the same time. I have to admit that I’m a Warm Vanilla Cake kind of gal, so it sneaks into a lot of my favorite combos.

I start off by grabbing an empty BUTTer sample jar that I always seem to have laying around and start mixing a little of this lotion and little of that lotion on my skin till I find the right ratio of scents. When I find the right proportion I fill the sample, stick a homemade label on the side, and voila a special custom CJ scent just for me! It’s super easy and gives me a chance to spread lotion around my house, to all my assorted bags, and of course my nightstand.

If you have empty Carcass and Spritz bottles around waiting for a repurpose, just grab the bottle of whatever you are mixing and go crazy. You don’t have to fill it up the whole way; just enough to get the scent you like. I would say Carcass is second best for mixing because you just mix small amounts together and if you don’t like the created scent just wash your hands and try again.

A few of my favorite scent combos are...

  • Dreamcicle: 1 part Sweet Orange to 2 parts Warm Vanilla Cake
  • Blue Lemons: Equal parts Blueberry Crumble and Lemon Grove with just a touch of Warm Vanilla Cake
  • Lullaby Honey: Equal Parts Lullaby Baby Lotion and Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey

There are others that I enjoy but there are so many possibilities I don’t want to hinder anyone’s creativity.

A little side note to those that might get carried away with experimenting and want to do something about PLUS #1 Don’t. If you do anything to PLUS it changes the formula and it will no longer be effective for what it was made for #2 NOTHING makes PLUS smell any better. We have tried and let me just say you should be happy you weren't there to do the sniff test.

Happy Mixing,
Kirith (BUTTer production superstar)

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