CJ's BUTTer Tubes are currently in short supply

Posted by Heather Hodge on 9/12/2013
I am very sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news. We have been experiencing difficultly in obtaining lids for our tubes. We are continuing to attempt to acquire either these same lids or a suitable replacement. We thought we had a suitable replacement but when they arrived today we found that they will not work. We will not sacrifice quality for the sake of an easy fix.

For sometime now we have been looking into the possibility of changing over to a different type of tube altogether. We have in fact been looking at samples and have test driven some but have yet to find an option we are pleased with. The thick consistency of CJ's BUTTer® has proven to make this a challenge. This supply shortage of lids may push us into having to find a better alternative sooner rather than later. 

We do not know at the moment how soon we will be able to resume production of tubes, or if they will be able to be in the same tube containers we've been using when we do. In the mean time we ask that you please bear with us as the tube quantities currently on our website is all we will have until we are able to find lids or switch to a different tube. Please do not panic though as we have no intention of discontinuing tubes. In the meantime this same product is available in 3 other container options for Original CJ's BUTTer® (.5 oz samples, 8 oz Pots and 12 oz Tubs) and 2 other container types for CJ's BUTTer® PLUS (.5 oz samples, and 12 oz Tubs). We are determined to find a solution. 
Heather Hodge
CJ's BUTTer ®
General Production Manager

CJ’s Outlet & Manufacturing Facility
3858 Maizeland Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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